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Fox Sponsorship

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Support Wolf Park through a Fox Sponsorship!

We offer sponsorships for Wolf Park species that last for one year from the date of purchase. All sponsorships contribute to conservation, education, research, and animal welfare at Wolf Park. With the support of our sponsors, Wolf Park will continue to enhance the lives of our animals.


  • A certificate of adoption and biography of your animal.
  • Updates about your animal four times a year, including photos and fur when they shed in the spring.
  • Subscription to our newsletter
  • Free admission to Follow the Pack Tours and Howl Nights for up to six people
  • Discount on all bookings made at wolfpark.org (e.g. Specialty Tours, Private Tours, etc.) for up to six people
  • Additional discounts, events, and opportunities throughout the year
Would you like to meet our foxes in person? Check out our Visiting Fox Sponsorship program here.