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On average, it takes $550,000 to maintain Wolf Park and we rely on your donations to help us cover our costs. YOU are the reason that we are able to provide excellent care to each of our animals. Financial contributions also help us provide education to the public and resources for researchers working to support our animal ambassadors’ wild counterparts.  Please consider making a donation to Wolf Park today.

Wolf Park has big dreams and huge construction goals in mind! After many years of operation, some of our enclosures are beginning to show their age. As we look at replacing old fencing, we look toward Wolf Park’s future.

Our goal is nothing short of replacing every enclosure in the park! The new fencing will be increased in height to meet ZAA standards, be professionally installed, and built to last. Enclosures will be expanded and linked, meaning we’ll be able to give the animals access to multiple enclosures at once for more running and exploring room. Each smaller enclosure costs about $40,000 for improvements, so this is a long-term project we have undertaken.  In addition we expect our main enclosure to cost above $100,000 to rebuild.

We have been fortunate enough to have completed 2 of our 14 wolf enclosures and a new habitat for our gray foxes.  We still have plenty more to go.  Our biggest challenges will be our main enclosure, a doubling in size of one of our other enclosures, as well as a rebuild of our red fox enclosure.  We also plan improvement of our bison corral and field reseeding.

Please considering donating to our ongoing expansion and rebuild!