A Spring Ethological Day with Wolves and Foxes, April 19, 2019

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A Spring Ethological Day with Wolves and Foxes

April 19, 2019

Would you like to spend time with a wolf? a fox? This seminar offers both time outdoors with our animal ambassadors and time in a classroom setting learning about their morphological and behavioral adaptations for survival. All participants must sit through the safety orientation in the morning prior to meeting animals. Our unique one day seminar allows for more than one visit with the animals at intervals during the day.

Ethology is also known as the biology of behavior. Learn how the shape of behavior shapes their lives. Wolf Park staff will talk about behavior of wolves, relating it to core ethological questions. Behavior is something wolves have as well as something they do. How do we study the wolves’ behavior? Start to learn the “language of wolves and foxes” that allows them to communicate with each other, and, in the case of the Wolf Park canids, with humans as well. Time spent with the wolves and foxes will be an important part of the day.

The seminar will begin at 9:00am with a presentation on safe interaction with the animals. A mix of classroom learning and time with the wolves and foxes will follow. Lunch is not provided. The seminar will conclude around 5:00pm.

Participants must be over 18 years of age in order to enter the enclosure with the wolves.

Wolf Park reserves the right to cancel a seminar if there are fewer than 5 participants registered as of 30 days before the start of the seminar.  In the case of cancellation, we will refund registration fees in full, or the participant can choose to transfer into a different seminar.

All seminar purchases are final.  In the event that a participant is unable to attend their seminar, and notifies Wolf Park 24 hours in advance, they will receive credit towards a different seminar up to one year after the seminar they originally enrolled in.

Understand that participating in a seminar does not imbue anyone with authority to speak on behalf of Wolf Park.