Being Your Dog’s Superhero with Beth Duman – September 28-30, 2018


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“Being Your Dog’s Superhero: What Wild Canids Can Teach Us About Forming Deeper Bonds with Our Dogs”

September 28-30, 2018

Are you a helicopter dog parent? Is your relationship with your dog about “training” or “teaching”?

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or an everyday pet owner, this interactive workshop will challenge you to re-evaluate how you relate to your dog.  In this seminar participants will have a chance to work with dogs and interact with Wolf Park’s foxes and even the wolves as we move away from micro-management to building a trusting partnership that’s fun for both the person and the animal.

  • Bond-building – falling in love…
  • Is “obedience” what it’s all about?
  • Building a safety history with your dog.
  • Moving from competition to cooperation.
  • Skill-building – teaching step by step.
  • Picking up the pieces from a fractured relationship.

Come join us and learn from the experiences and expertise of Wolf Park staff and our knowledge of relationship-building with wild canids.   You will also have the ability to learn from the animals’ themselves and have the opportunity to visit and spend time in their air space on multiple occasions during the weekend.

The cost for the weekend is $495. This price includes 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and one dinner. There are reasonably priced hotels nearby.

Continuing Education Credits

CPDT: 14 CEUs for trainers and 5 CEUs for behavior consultants

Beth Duman received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and has over 30 years of experience in canine behavior, physiology, and ecology. She has worked extensively with domestic dogs, wolf/dog hybrids, captive wolves and has also researched wild wolves. Her experience highlights include:

  • Expert Witness; Various wolf/dog hybrid court cases in the State of Michigan.
  • Wolf/dog Hybrid Advisor; Michigan Humane Society; Identification and public education regarding wolf/dog hybrids.
  • Michigan Representative for Wolf Park; Battle Ground, Indiana; , incorporated under the North American Wildlife Park Foundation, Inc.,
  • Lecturer on Wolf Ecology and Behavior Citizens Committee for Endangered Species; Michigan Department of Natural Resources;
  • Respond to referrals for people with wolf-type animals; Identification of wolves and wolf hybrids for DNR agents.
  • Evaluator; Therapy Dogs International, Inc.; , Evaluate and certify Therapy Dogs.
  • Lecturer / Conference Presenter / Guest Expert; Presentations in Over 1,000 schools, camps, and organizations in Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Kentucky, Denmark, and online on the Internet including the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Nordjyllands Dyreadfaerdsklinik,, the International Wolf Center, the University of Michigan, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Dog Scouts of America, and the Academy of Canine Behavioral Theory.
  • Canine Education Program Coordinator and Presenter; School presentations on Non-violence utilizing dogs to promote compassion and respect.
  • Apprentice Temperament Tester – American Temperament Testing Society
  • Assistant Activities Director; Dog Scouts of America; , St. Helen, Michigan; Instruct operant conditioning, dog and wolf behavior, dog backpacking, and dog water-safety seminars and classes.
  • Biologist / Research Associate; Michigan State University.

Beth has published a variety of canine-related articles for magazines and conferences and has continued her education attending seminars from canine experts including Chris Bach, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Gary Wilkes, and Dr. Erich Klinghammer. She has been an expert witness in the Michigan courts for wolf/dog hybrid cases and is a wolf/dog hybrid Advisor for the Michigan Humane Society.

Beth lives in Michigan with her husband, five dogs, 1 cat, 2 goats, and a herd of Michigan reptiles that she uses in educational programs. Her dogs have earned many titles including CGC, DSA, TDI, TT, WETT, WETTX, PD and Honor Scout, and they accompany her on many of the presentations and lectures that she gives in Michigan. As a Naturalist and a Naturalist Trainer, she ascribes to the philosophy to “Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live.”


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