Ray Coppinger 2 DVD Set: Of Wolves and Dogs



(A 9-hour double DVD set)

If you couldn’t attend this incredible meeting on the domestication of the dog from the wolf, the biology and evolution of village dogs, the fascinating story of the development of types and modern breeds of dog, the development of motor patterns in the puppy, the great 6000+ livestock guarding dog project in the USA, the mechanics, selection and training of working types such as assistance dogs and sled dogs etc, then you missed a real treat.

The seminar proved to be a most amazing, eye opening and highly entertaining discourse on the behavior and nature of the dog from one of the world’s leading biologists in the field. The full event has been professionally produced on video, and so now you can view the whole event at home. The video is shown “as it happened”. There has been very minimal editing of the lectures, and with all the slides inserted into the film for full clarity of each topic as it is discussed.

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