Three Day Seminar with Nicole Wilde – Oct. 14-16, 2017


These upbeat, fascinating, information-packed seminars are aimed at trainers, owners, rescuers, and anyone who wants to help dogs. This seminar includes wolf and fox visits!

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Three fun filled information packed days. The first two days are all Nicole and the third day includes Wolf Park staff & visits with our socialized canids!

Two fun filled information packed days with Nicole!

Talk to the Paw – October 14, 2017

Dogs are excellent interpreters when it comes to the body language and signals of other dogs. But how good are people at it? Sure, you know that ears back and tail down means a dog is afraid, and that a show of teeth is your cue to move away slooowly. But what about the subtler and lesser-known signals?

The lecture is filled with eye-opening information including the latest research studies, as well as an extensive collection of fascinating photos and video footage. By viewing real-time video and then slow-motion playback, you’ll improve your observational skills and discover subtle, quick signals that otherwise might have been missed—even if you’re a professional. You’ll also participate in interactive, fun exercises including “Name that Bark!” that will further hone your skills. This seminar packs a lot of useful information into one day. Whether you’re a trainer, shelter/rescue worker, owner, vet tech, or other professional or enthusiast, you’ll come away with plenty of new ideas, tips, tricks, and a whole new understanding of body language and communication—dogs and ours.

Creative Client Coaching – October 15th, 2017

This fun-filled, interactive seminar will help you to become a better coach to your clients. You will learn techniques to communicate more clearly, increase motivation, gain compliance, and solve problems creatively. Both dogs and humans will become better trained, and coaching will become a smoother, more pleasant experience for you as well.

You will get plenty of tips and techniques for working with clients (especially the difficult ones), learn how to handle challenging training situations, participate in the video game, “Catch the Trainer’s Mistakes!” and view plenty of creative games you can play in private sessions and group classes to make learning more fun for everyone. You will come away with lots of new tools for your toolbox and ideas you will want to try out with your clients.

Nicole’s seminars are high-energy, interactive, and always entertaining. So get ready for a fun and informative learning experience!

A Day with the Wolves of Wolf Park & Nicole Wilde – October 16th, 2017

Wolf Park offers the opportunity to meet and learn about their socialized wolves with Nicole Wilde. This day will start with a Mandatory Safety video and will include animal time with foxes and Wolves during the day. Participants will also have the opportunity to integrate information from the previous two days of Nicole’s lectures as well as learning from Wolf Park’s 43 years of experience handling socialized Wolves.

Participants must be over 18 years of age in order to enter the enclosure with the wolves.

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About Nicole 

Nicole Wilde is the author of ten books including Help for Your Fearful Dog, So You Want to be a Dog Trainer, Hit by a Flying Wolf, and Don’t Leave Me! She lectures worldwide on canine behavior, is a columnist for Modern Dog magazine, and blogs for the Huffington Post as well as her own blog, Wilde About Dogs. Nicole co-stars in the DVD “Train Your Dog: The Positive Gentle Method,” runs Gentle Guidance Dog Training in southern California, and donates her time photographing rescue dogs to improve their chances of adoption. To view books, seminar DVDs and schedule, and the Wilde About Dogs blog, visit You can also find Nicole on Facebook @NicoleWilde,Author and on Twitter @Nicole Wilde.

Wolf Park reserves the right to cancel a seminar if there are fewer than 5 participants registered as of 30 days before the start of the seminar.  In the case of cancellation, we will refund registration fees in full, or the participant can choose to transfer into a different seminar.

Call the Wolf Park office at (765) 567-2265 between 9-5 Mon-Fri if you have any questions about any of our seminars.


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